Comparison of Different Treatment Strategies Combating COVID-19 in Pakistan

  • Afsheen Mansoor Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University, Islamabad Pakistan
  • Muhammad Talal khan Bakhtawar Amin Medical and Dental College, Multan Pakistan
  • Aleena Hussain Islamabad Medical and Dental College, Islamabad Pakistan
  • Emaan Mansoor Islamic International Dental College, Islamabad Pakistan
  • Ambreen Gul Dental College, HITEC Institute of Medical Sciences, Taxila /National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) Pakistan
  • Anber Saleem Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University, Islamabad Pakistan
Keywords: Azithromycin, Chloroquine, COVID-19, Doxycycline, Ivermectin, Lopinavir


Objective: To compare different treatment strategies for patients of COVID-19 in Pakistan.

Study Design: Retrospective longitudinal study.

Place and Duration of Study: Abbas Medical Hospital, Muzaffarabad Pakistan, during Apr 2021.

Methodology: One hundred and twenty, COVID-19-positive patients between 31-45 years of age were admitted to Abbas hospital after carrying out the rRT-PCR test. Group-A was administered Azithromycin, while Group-B was treated with Azithromycin in combination with Hydroxychloroquine. Group-C was given a combination of oral Ivermectin and Doxycycline, and Group-D was treated with Lopinavir. Diagnostic tests include rRT-PCR, blood parameters such as creatinine,random blood sugar, alanine aminotransferase, complete blood count, ECG, chest x-ray and blood biomarkers including procalcitonin, C-reactive protein, lactate dehydrogenase and ferritin were performed at Day 1, 5, 7, 14 and 30.

Results: Patients treated with Azithromycin revealed the highest recovery of about (77.80%) among COVID-19 patients,followed by the combination of Azithromycin and Hydroxychloroquine which was (65.56%), the combination of Ivermectin and Doxycycline was (19.63%), and Lopinavir was (9.06%) displayed minimum potency in recovering the COVID-19 positive patients (p-value <0.001).

Conclusions: Azithromycin was most effective in helping patients recover from COVID-19, followed by a combination of azithromycin and Hydroxychloroquine. Patients who recovered after treatment with Ivermectin Doxycycline were lower,followed by those who recovered with Lopinavir only.


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Mansoor, A., khan, M., Hussain, A., Mansoor, E., Gul, A., & Saleem, A. (2022). Comparison of Different Treatment Strategies Combating COVID-19 in Pakistan. Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal, 72(5), 1752-56.
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