• Khadija Qamar Professor of Anatomy Army Medical College, Rawalpindi Pakistan


Medical colleges accompanied by high academic requirements create an extremely stressful environment which may have adverse effects on the performance of the students, and their psychological wellbeing. Not all students may be able to cope with stress and end up breaking down and the stress of examinations may increase the incidence of depression. Medical students are a vulnerable population globally and according to one study are known to show higher rates
of depression, suicidal ideation, and stigmatization around depression and are also less likely to seek support. It is therefore important to safeguard their mental
health with an effective plan to support their wellness and education. Student support, or student services is the division of services and support for students to
be successful at institutions of higher education as it allows them to enhance their growth. This system provides the process and procedures for schools to address and improve student achievement. It includes a full range of interventions, programs, services of integrated and proactive supports to improve student’s
academic and behavioral performance.


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