Sucralfate Post-Tonsillectomy Odynophagia

  • Shahzad Nayyar Combined Military Hospital Muzaffarabad Pakistan
  • Kamran Zamurad Malik Combined Military Hospital Nowshera Pakistan
  • Sidra Malik Combined Military Hospital Muzaffarabad Pakistan
Keywords: Post-tonsillectomy analgesia,, Sucralfate after tonsillectomy, Tonsillectomy.


Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of sucralfate for relieving post-tonsillectomy odynophagia.
Study Design: Randomized clinical trial.
Place and Duration of study: This study was carried out at department of ENT, Combined Military Hospital Muzaffarabad for 9 month Feb 2017 to Oct 2017.
Material and Methods: Sixty patients of different age groups were selected randomly and were divided into two groups with equal gender distribution. Both groups underwent tonsillectomy using bipolar diathermy. Standard post-operative antibiotic and analgesic cover was provided. In addition, Group A was prescribed oral sucralfate syrup, post operatively, 3 times a day for 5 days. Patients were inquired about pain after 5 days. Patients in
Group A showed better pain relief and the difference was statistically significant.
Results: The mean age of surgery in our study was 13.75 ± 8.12 years. The mean operative time was 16.12 ± 1.33 minutes. About 83.3% patients in group-A achieved satisfactory pain relief as compared to 43%patients in group-B. This difference was statistically significant with a p value of 0.001
Conclusion: Prescription of sucralfate in patients after tonsillectomy resulted in alleviation of post-operative odynophagia. Hence, we advocate the use of this cost-effective, readily available and safe drug after tonsillectomy.



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