Severity of Hand Injury: An Association Between Severity of Hand Injury, Anxiety and Depression


  • Ghazanfar Ali Department of Plastic Surgery, Combined Military Hospital, Multan/National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) Pakistan
  • Sikander Ali Khan Department of Psychology, Combined Military Hospital, Multan/National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) Pakistan
  • Muhammad Tariq Department of Psychology, Combined Military Hospital, Jhelum/National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) Pakistan
  • Habib ur Rehman Department of Plastic Surgery, Combined Military Hospital, Multan/National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) Pakistan
  • Tahir Masood Ahmad Department of Plastic Surgery, Combined Military Hospital/National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) Rawalpindi Pakistan
  • Shehzad Ahmed Abbasi Department of Plastic Surgery, Combined Military Hospital, Multan/National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) Pakistan



Anxiety, Hand injury, Hand injury severity scoring system, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale


Objective: To investigate the relationship between the severity of hand injury with anxiety and depression.

Study design: Cross-sectional

study Place and Duration of Study: Departments of Psychiatry and Plastic Surgery, Combined Military Hospital, Multan Pakistan, from Jul 2021 to May 2022.

Methodology: We consecutively included 104 patients. The patients were given a specifically designed proforma to assess the parameters. Hand injury severity was assessed using the Hands injury severity scoring system. In contrast, the presence of anxiety and depression was assessed using the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale.

Results: The mean age of the patients was 33.19±4.14 years; 97(93.3%) were males, and 95(91.3%) were married. 44 patients (42.3%) belonged to the wood trade, 25 farmers (24%), building trade 23(22.1%), and 10(9.6%) belonged to the metal trade. 68(65.4%) sustained a combination type of injury, 15(14.4%) had injury and 14(13.5%) had crush injuries. Of 53(51.0%), axe was the cause, 21(20.2%) was due to saw, and 16(15.4%) were due to metal when the severity of hand injury was compared for correlation with anxiety levels (p=0.188) and level of depression (p=0.413).

Conclusion: Results of this study highlight that the presence of anxiety is more than depression after hand injury but not significantly correlated.


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