Frequency of Gall Bladder Carcinoma after Cholecystectomy for Symptomatic Gallstone Disease in Tertiary Care Hospital, Peshawar


  • Zia Ullah Department of General Surgery, Peshawar Medical College, Peshawar Pakistan
  • Ahmad Arsalan Tahir Department of General Surgery, Peshawar Medical College, Peshawar Pakistan
  • Muhammad Tayyab Department of General Surgery, Peshawar Medical College, Peshawar Pakistan
  • Muhammad Ishfaq Department of General Surgery, Peshawar Medical College, Peshawar Pakistan
  • Sabeen Nasir Department of Pathology, Peshawar Medical College, Peshawar Pakistan
  • Rubab Naseer Department of Gynae & Obs, Peshawar Medical College, Peshawar Pakistan



Cholecystectomy, Cholelithiasis, Gall bladder neoplasms, Pathology


Objective: To determine the frequency of gall bladder carcinoma after cholecystectomy for symptomatic gallstone disease and to determine the most commonly affected age group and its gender-based predominance in our population.

Study Design: Cross sectional study.

Place and Duration of Study: Histopathology Lab, Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital, Peshawar Pakistan, from Jan 2015 to Jan

Methodology: A total of 995 patients of all age groups and of either gender were included in our study. The demographics, clinical data of the patient (signs, symptoms and ultrasound report), and histopathology findings were recorded.

Results: The mean age of our study participants was 41.5±15 years. Cholecystitis was found in 807(81.1%) patients, acute
cholecystitis in 101(10.2%) patients, and chronic cholecystitis with cholesterols in 72(7.2%) patients. Benign polyps were found in 6(0.6%) patients, while carcinoma gall bladder was found in 9(0.9%) patients. The frequency of gall bladder carcinoma was high in females (n=774, 66.7%). The most commonly affected age group affected by gall bladder carcinoma was 51 to 60 years.

Conclusion: Routine histopathology of all grossly looking normal gall bladder specimens after cholecystectomy should be
done as it is the only measure to detect carcinoma gall bladder at early stages.


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