Prediabetes: A Hidden Volcano


  • Rehana Khadim Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal Army Medical College Rawalpindi Pakistan



About 120,000 people die in Pakistan each
year as a result of diabetes-related complications.1
According to the International Diabetes Federation, in 2022, 26.7% of adults in Pakistan are
affected by diabetes making the total number of
cases approximately 33,000,000. The prevalence of
prediabetes is increasing worldwide, and it is
projected that more than 470 million people will
have prediabetes in 2030.2 Prediabetes is a serious
health condition where blood sugar levels are
higher than normal but not high enough to be
diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Of those with
prediabetes, more than 90% do not know they
have it. Prediabetes puts a person at increased
risk of developing type 2 diabetes, cardiac
diseases, and stroke.3


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