An Obituary - Lt Col M B Azami Breathes his Last By Maj Gen M H Kazmi (R)

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With profound grief, we learnt about the saddemise of Lt Col M B Azami. We mourn the loss of thisgreat human being and a teacher. We salute him for his
most extraordinary life. His unbreakable spirit andcourage in facing adversities and physical challengeswere commendable. His true passion was to serve the
ailing humanity, and he devoted himself to this causethroughout his life. He would be remembered for hisboundless generosity and unwavering principlesregardless of consequences. He was a great mentor anda model for many of us. He was the teacher of teachers
and was the only person on whose recommendationFRCP (Eden) was awarded. He was kind enough to visitAFM College MH and Medical Directorate on our
request, and we had the pleasure of his presence in thewards where his voice still echoes. To describe hisclinical acumen would amount to adding another hue
to the rainbowMay God bless his soul, and our prayers are for the bereaved family!


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., M. H. K. (2023). An Obituary - Lt Col M B Azami Breathes his Last By Maj Gen M H Kazmi (R). Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal, 72(6), 2214.