• Aisha Ayyub KMU Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), Kohat Pakistan
  • Rizwan Hashim Fazaia Medical College, Islamabad Pakistan
  • Atif Ahmed Khan Combined Military Hospital Okara/ National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) Pakistan
Keywords: Dyslipidemias, Hyperlipidemia, Osteoporosis, Premenopause


Objective: To determine the association between osteoporosis and dyslipidemiain pre-menopausal women.

Study Design: Comparative cross sectional study.

Place and Duration of Study: Armed Forces Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, Rawalpindi, from Jul to Dec 2014.

Methodology: In study group A, fifty (n=50) osteoporotic females were taken, while same number offemales were included in group B. Detailed medical history of every patient was documented. Fasting blood samples were obtained and analyzed for plasma glucose, bone profile and serum lipid profile. Dyslipidemia was assessed using guidelines from the National Cholesterol Education Project Adult Treatment Panel III (ATP III) and was defined as “total cholesterol >6.2 mmol/l, HDL-C <0.9 mmol/l, LDL-C >3.4 mmol/l or triglycerides >2.3 mmol/l”.

Results: Among 100 study participants, the difference in mean ages of group A and group B was insignificant (44.32 ± 5.17 yearsand 43.46 ± 5.53 years, p>0.05). Frequency of dyslipidemia was significantly higher in group Athan their group B (p <0.001). A significant association between osteoporosis and dyslipidemia was also observed among group As (p<0.001) where 68% patients had dyslipidemia. In contrast, the group B had dyslipidemia only in 14% participants. The most frequent lipid profile abnormality among group A was raised levels of LDL-C (56%) followed by decreased HDL-C (34%) and elevated total cholesterollevels (22%).

Conclusion: Osteoporosis is associated with dyslipidemia in premenopausal women.Therefore, serum lipid levels in young premenopausal women must be evaluated at regular intervals.


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