• Shamaila Manzoor Azad Jammu & Kashmir Medical College Muzaffarabad Pakistan
  • Atiq -Ur- Rehman Armed Forces Institute of Radiology & Imaging/ National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) Rawalpindi Pakistan
  • Ziyad Kiyani Azad Jammu & Kashmir Medical College Muzaffarabad Pakistan
  • Ayesha Younas Wah Medical College, Wah Cantt/National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) Pakistan
  • Rafia Minhas Avicenna Medical College Lahore Pakistan
Keywords: Death, Students, Curriculum


Objective: To outline a frame-work which would help to regulate the emotions of under graduate students, on the death of their patient.

Study Design: An exploratory qualitative study.

Place and Duration of Study: Azad Jammu & Kashmir Medical College (AJKMC), from Nov 2019 to Dec 2019.

Methodology: Purposive sampling was done from the final year medical students and focus group discussions were carried out for data collection. Twenty five students shared their feelings at the death of first patient under their care. As a whole, 92% of volunteers experienced the death of their first patients in medical settings. Subsequently, four main themes have been emerged after data analysis. Including; unexpected death, crisis, anticipated death & resolution.

Results: Inadequate preparation of medical scholars to handle this tragic incidence leads to anxiety, anger, guilt and sense of helplessness. These undesirable sentiments would seriously affect their performance in future. So, they must be handled wisely and professionally.

Conclusion: Consequently, a curricular model emerged as a result of this study recommending following steps. There should be regular debriefing sessions of students from their supervisors and reflective journaling practice of students, as a part of curriculum. Likewise, faculty training for „end of life theme‟ would help their students to become more valuable for ailing community.


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Manzoor, S., Rehman, A., Kiyani, Z., Younas, A., & Minhas, R. (2021). DEATH ITSELF - STUDENTS’ PERSPECTIVE OF AZAD JAMMU & KASHMIR MEDICAL COLLEGE. Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal, 71(2), 422-26.
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