• Brig Khadija Qamar Prof. & HOD of Anatomy Department Army Medical College, Rawalpindi Pakistan


Research is defined as any form of a careful consideration of a study concerning a problem that aims to contribute to a body of knowledge or theory by means of scientific methods. Like many other fields research too has its moral principles, known as Research Ethics, which govern the conduct of research from its initiation to completion and publication of results and beyond. Medicine is about “Can we?” Ethics is about “Should we? The focus of educational researchers is to expand knowledge and under-standing in different, ideally all, regions of educational activity from all possible angles possible such as through educators, learners, policymakers and even the public. Educational researchers should operate within an ethic of respect for any persons involved in the research they are undertaking and should treat indivi-duals with dignity and sensitivity-all within an ethic of respect, which should apply to not only the individuals participating but to the researchers themselves.


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