• Muhammad Rizwan Bashir Kiyani Army Medical College Rawalpindi
  • Shadab Ahmed Butt Army Medical College Rawalpindi
  • Mohammad Arshad Army Medical College Rawalpindi
Keywords: Aorta, Diabetes, Tocotrienol


Objective: To compare the thickness of intima in aorta of diabetic mice being fed on normal laboratory diet, high fat diet and high fat diet with tocotrienol.
Study Design: Experimental study
Place and Duration of Study: Army Medical College, Rawalpindi and National Institute of Health, Islamabad from November 2009 to June 2010.
Material and Methods: Forty five female BALB/c mice were randomly divided into three groups. All the animals were made diabetic by intraperitoneal injection of streptozotocin (STZ) 40 mg/kg body weight. Group I was given normal laboratory diet, group II high fat diet and group III was given tocotrienol along with high fat diet for 32 weeks. At the end of experiment the mice were sacrificed. The hearts of animals were dissected out and ascending aortae were removed. The specimen was fixed in 10 % formol calcium and processed for paraffin embedding. Five micrometer thick sections were made. Haematoxylin & eosin and verhoeff staining was done. Thickness of intima and intracellular lipid depositions were noted.
Results: In contrast to group I, the intima thickness increased in groups II and III. Statistically significant increase in the thickness of intima was found in the aortae of diabetic animals in group II (high fat diet), when compared with group I (laboratory diet). The thickness of intima increased significantly in group III when compared with group I. When group II (high fat diet) and III (high fat diet + tocotrienol) were compared, a significant decrease in intima thickness was noted in group III.
Conclusion: In diabetics who consume high fat diet, there is a definite increase in the thickness of intima in aorta which can be prevented by giving tocotrienol.


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Kiyani, M., Butt, S., & Arshad, M. (2011). HISTOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF TOCOTRIENOL ON INTIMA THICKNESS IN AORTA OF DIABETIC MICE. Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal, 61(4), 555-60. Retrieved from https://pafmj.org/index.php/PAFMJ/article/view/1124
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