Role of Patient Feedback in Better Medical Care

  • Atiq ur Rehman Slehria Armed Forces Institute of Radiology & Imaging/ National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) Rawalpindi Pakistan


Patient satisfaction and experience are
important indicators for measuring healthcare
quality. The recent widespread use of patientexperience surveys in healthcare settings is based
on the fact that feedback has a potentially
important role in improving the quality of care,
affects clinical outcomes and timely, efficient,
patient-centred delivery of quality health. Research into patient experience feedback is a
relatively recent phenomenon that began in the
1990s.1 Research into how healthcare providers
use this data to improve services is at an early
stage. Recent systematic research on patient
experience and feedback collection was held at
the Armed Forces Institute of Radiology &
Imaging (AFIRI), providing evidence to influence
debate, policy and practice on patient feedback data.


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