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VOL 68, No. 5, OCTOBER 2018


Syed Dawood Shah, Fazal Ur Rehman, Syed Abdul Bari*, Abdul Ghafar, Mir Zaman Kasi**


Objective: To study myocardial revascularization with arterial grafts utilizing internal mammary arteries, with special reference to its morbidity and mortality and the results of internal mammary artery grafting in various ages and genders.
Study Design: Retrospective study.
Place and Duration of Study: National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD), from Mar 2012 to Feb 2013.
Material and Methods: Patients with concomitant valve replacement, ventricular aneurysmectomy redo coronary bypass or other cardiac or ascending aortic procedures were excluded from this analysis. No patient was excluded for any other reason. The age range was 35 to 80 years. The statistical analysis for comparison of different proportions were carried out with the help of chi-square statistics, when the test is valid.
Results: A total of 150 patients were studied during the year 2012-2013, out of which 135 were males and 15 were females. The ages ranged between 35-80 years. Majority of the patients in both groups were in the age range between 45-60 years. Far less were females 10%-15 patients as compared to male patients (90% - 135). Out of these 18% had unstable and 5% had atypical angina. After surgery most of the patients in both the study groups experienced an equal degree of angina relief. Exertional dyspnea was present in 20% and palpitation in 5% of our patients.
Conclusion: In this study conclude that internal mammary grafting does not increase morbidity, has lower mortality. Possibly no absolute contra - indications to the use of single, internal mammary artery there may be some relative contra-indication.

Keywords : Aneurysmectomy, Concomitant valve replacement, Internal mammary, Literature, Saphenous vein.

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