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VOL 68, No. 4, AUGUST 2018

Post Cholecystectomy Syndrome: A Two Years Study

Ammadudin Nasir, Muhammad Imran*, Saqib Zaheer*, Tajammul Hussain**, Usman Asghar***



Objective: To assess the pattern of symptoms and underlying causes in patients presenting with post cholecystectomy syndrome.
Study Design: Retrospective cross sectional study.
Place and Duration of Study: All the patients who underwent open cholecystectomy from Jan 2014 to Dec 2015 in Military Hospital Rawalpindi under general anaesthesia were included in the study.
Material and Methods: The study was carried out on 626 patients undergoing open cholecystectomy. Data was collected on a specially designed Proforma from hospital management system record. All the patients underwent open cholecystectomy in Military Hospital Rawalpindi under general anaesthesia.
Results: A total of 626 patients were included in the study. About 101 (16.1%) patients presented with post cholecystectomy syndrome as a preliminary diagnosis. The study showed a female predisposition for PCS (18.73%) as compared to males (11.68%). Six (5.94%) patients presented with right hypochondrial pain and jaundice. Fifty nine (58.41%) patients presented with dyspepsia. Three (2.97%) patients presented with painless jaundice. Nine (8.91%) patients presented with diarrhea. Six (5.94%) patients presenting with pain right hypochondrium with no jaundice and 18 (17.82%) patients presenting with right hypochondrial pain and dyspepsia.
Conclusion: A thorough preoperative evaluation is important before offering cholecystectomy to a patient. Moreover, good operative techniques and better endoscopic evaluation will further lessen the peroperative and postoperative biliary complications. However, gastritis leading to dyspepsia and psychiatric disorders make a large percentage of the cause of post cholecystectomy syndrome.

Keywords : Cholecystectomy, Dyspepsia, Post cholecystectomy syndrome.

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