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VOL 68, No. 3, JUNE 2018


Muhammad Ahmed Khan, Sumera Akram*, Hassan Bin Usman**, Muhammad Khan, Amir Ali Khan


Objective: To assess the prevalence of various ear, nose and throat diseases in Shangla valley.
Study Design: A descriptive cross-sectional study.
Place and Duration of Study: Study was carried out in shangla. Duration of study was 3 months, from Jun 2014 to Aug 2014.
Material and Methods: All the patients of any age group and both genders who reported with any ENT disorder and emergency were included in this study. Frequency and percentage of various ENT diseases among patients and emergency procedures performed were found.
Results: A total of 2725 patients were included. The most common ENT disorder encountered was rhinosinusitis which was seen in 14.2% cases, followed by ear wax (impacted cerumen) in 13.4% and pharyngitis in 12.5% cases. Allergic rhinitis was seen in 10.4% cases, epistaxis in 7.4% and chronic suppurative otitis media in 6.4% cases. Among the emergency ENT procedures performed, anterior nasal packing was the commonest (done in 55 cases) followed by stitching of lacerations and foreign body removal from ear and nose.
Conclusion: Ear, nose and throat diseases are very common in Shangla and their spectrum range from rhinosinusitis, impacted cerumen (ear wax) and pharyngitis to less common but potentially dangerous conditions like foreign body impaction in ear and nose. 

Keywords : Chronic suppurative otitis media, Epistaxis, Otitis media, Otorhinolaryngology, Tonsillitis, Vertigo

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