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VOL 68, No. 3, JUNE 2018


Muhammad Salim Akhtar, Muhammad Qasim Butt*, Samiya Razzaq*, Sadaf Usman*, Muhammad Usman Akhtar*


Objective: To compare fissure healing and complications in chronic anal fissure with use of lateral anal sphicterotomy and 0.2% GTN.
Study Design: Randomized controlled trial.
Place and Duration of Study: Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi & Combined Military Hospital Kohat over a period of 15 months.
Material and Methods: Chronic anal fissure was treated with use of lateral anal sphicterotomy after admission to surgical ward and by application of 0.2% glyceryltrinatrate as an outdoor case on 202 patients over a period of 15 months. Sample size was calculated by sample size calculator. Pain was measured using visual analog scale and incontinence to flatus and faeces was inquired from the patients. All cases were called for regular follow up visits but 10 patients failed to report back. Informed written consent was taken from each patient. Inclusion and exclusion criteria were followed. Analysis was done by SPSS version 13 and Chi Square test was applied.
Results: Total 202 patients were included in the study and randomly divided into two groups of 101 patients each using random numbers table. Both GTN and sphincterotomy groups revealed significant, but comparable results. Pain relief, fissure healing and incontinence were significantly higher in group B (Lateral anal sphincterotomy) as compared to group A (0.2% GTN). At the end of 8th week pain relief and incontinence became comparable between both the groups but fissure healing remain significantly higher in group B as compared to group A. Conclusion: GTN when applied to patients produces comparable results if used in long term i.e. eight weeks. It produces adequate symptomatic control and healing of the anal fissures and can be considered equivalent to and one of the recommended treatment options along with lateral anal sphincterotomy in treatment of chronic anal fissure if use for more than 8 weeks. Lateral anal sphincterotomy gives early resolution of symptoms and healing.

Keywords : Gartland, Internal fixation, K-wires, Supracondylar fracture.

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