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VOL 67, No. 6, DECEMBER 2017


Muhammad Usman Akhtar, Sadaf Bashir, Zaheer Ul Hassan*, Tarique Ahmed Maka**, Muhammad Saleem Akhtar***, Samiya Razzaq***


Objective: To evaluate the clinical and demographic characteristics of patients with idiopathic and non-idiopathic vocal cord paralysis (VCP).
Study Design: Descriptive cross sectional study.
Place and Duration of Study: Department of ENT Combined Military Hospital Quetta and Rawalpindi, from 10 Dec 2012 to 31 Dec 2015.
Material and Methods: The study was a descriptive cross sectional study. The study was conducted after approval by the ethical committee. Patients with fixed vocal cords due to some growth of glottic region were enrolled. All the patients presenting with hoarseness of voice in ENT outpatient department CMH Quetta and Rawalpindi undergoing indirect laryngoscopy and the patients with vocal cord paralysis were selected. Informed written consent was taken and gender, age, name, hospital record number, address and phone number of each
individual was noted. Every patient was evaluated by detailed history and thorough clinical examination. Patients were not investigated further if cause were revealed after some investigation. Follow-up of patients was done regularly in ENT OPD. CT scans/US neck was done by radiologist and FNAC/biopsy was reported by histopathologist. Data collected were recorded on proforma.
Results: In our study, out of 245 cases, 47.76% (n=117) were 16-40 years old and 52.24% (n=128) were 41-80 years, mean ± SD was calculated as 41.23 ± 11.25 years, 45.71% (n=112) male and 54.29% (n=133) were females. Frequency of causes of vocal cord paralysis was recorded as 15.92% (n=39) for idiopathic, 46.53% (n=114) had iatrogenic, 33.06% (n=81) had malignant neoplasm while 4.49% (n=11) had radiation.
Conclusion: Vocal cord paralysis is a common clinical condition with substantial morbidity. Awareness on the clinical characteristics and identification of the underlying etiology are keystones for foreseeing complications and determining the required therapeutic modality.

Keywords : Etiology, Iatrogenic, Idiopathic, Vocal cord paralysis

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