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VOL 67, No. 4, AUGUST 2017


Muhammad Younis, Ghulam Murtaza, Nasir*


Objective: To determine the efficacy of deltamethrin treated uniforms on repellant action against mosquitos in serving soldiers.
Study Design: Randomized control trial.
Place and Duration of Study: Bahawalpur Garrison, from 18 Aug to 24 Aug 2014.
Patient and Methods: Two groups were selected for the study, one group comprising of 100 x soldiers wearing deltamethrin treated uniforms and other group comprising 100 x soldiers wearing non-treated (normal working) uniforms–control group. All soldiers were males, their age ranged from 20 years to 41 year. Uniforms were issued centrally with no group knowing which group has been issued treated uniforms, (double blind study was carried out to eliminate subject bias). Coding system was evolved while issuing the uniforms which were only known to the main researchers, president of the study board. Both the groups were made to sit for one hour in a large training ground of the formation in two separate groups at a distance of 50-60 feet between the groups and 10-15 feet between the individuals. All the individuals were asked to count the number of mosquitos attracted towards them, whether sitting/biting on their uniforms or on their bodies. Mosquito counting was also facilitated by the organizing/conducting staff. The study continued for a week from 18–24 Aug 2014. All soldiers were given 2 x tabs Chloroquine stat as prophylaxis for malaria prior to the study. Mean and SD of no of bites of both groups were compared and analyzed. Student t-test was applied to note the statistical significance among the study groups.
Results: Out of the two groups the individuals wearing deltamethrin treated uniforms showed about overall 90% protection from mosquitos as compared to the control group. The average number of bites by mosquitoes in the control group was 7/person in one hour, whereas it was less than one bite/person in the case group.
Conclusion: This study confirmed that the deltamethrin treated uniform is highly effective in having mosquito repellant action in the field and may be used during operational/training duties in the field so as to better protect the troops against this health hazard.
Keywords: Deltamethrin, Malaria, Repellant.

Keywords : Deltamethrin, Malaria, Repellant.

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