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VOL 67, No. 1, FEBRURAY 2017


Tehreem Aftab, Sadia Ahsin, Saadat Ali Khan, Ehtisham Khyzer*


Objective: To determine the role of ghrelin in stimulating leukopoiesis of myelosuppressed rats by stimulating growth hormone release.
Study Design: Randomized controlled trial.
Place and Duration of Study: It was conducted at Department of Physiology, Foundation University Medical College, in collaboration with National Institute of Health, Islamabad, from February 2013 to June 2014.
Material and Methods: Out of 130 Sprague-Dawley rats, 10 were used for baseline sampling and rest was randomly divided into four groups. Group I received ghrelin only while group II and III were administered intraperitoneally with both carboplatin and 5-flurouracil with and without rat ghrelin. Group IV in addition to chemotherapy and ghrelin received growth hormone releasing hormone antagonist (GHRH antagonist). Total leukocyte count, differential leukocyte count and growth hormone levels were measured on day 7 and 14.
Results: The fall in leukocyte count of chemotherapy and ghrelin group on day 7 was less as compared to the chemotherapy-only treated group and chemotherapy, ghrelin and growth hormone releasing hormone antagonist treated group (p<0.05). Further decreases were also prevented in the chemotherapy and ghrelin group. The serum growth hormone levels in chemotherapy and ghrelin treated group were higher as compared to the chemotherapy and chemotherapy, ghrel in, GHRH antagonist treated group (p< 0.05).
Conclusion: Enhanced leukopoiesis in ghrelin treated myelosuppressed rats as compared to the chemotherapy group (p<0.05) suggest role of ghrelin in enhancing leukopoiesis. While the failure of enhanced leukopoiesis and growth hormone level to rise in chemotherapy, ghrelin and GHRH antagonist treated group suggested the possibility of growth hormone as possible mediator of ghrelin in leukopoiesis.

Keywords : Chemotherapy, Ghrelin, Growth hormone, Leukopoiesis, Myelosuppression.

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